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Synapse ITS lights up their portfolio with Carmanah’s newest smart city asset

Greenville, TX, June 1, 2023 – Synapse ITS, a comprehensive transportation technology platform focused on increasing roadway safety, efficiency, and accessibility, today announced the launch of its first solution featuring integrated, first-party connectivity. The MX Series, developed by leading pedestrian and driver safety systems manufacturer Carmanah Technologies, is a highly configurable line of connected beacon and sign systems for crosswalks, school zones, and warning applications.

The MX Series challenges the status quo for remote connectivity in the industry by eliminating the need for third-party devices like modem boxes and integration kits, which can be difficult and costly to install. A first-party solution embedded in the hardware allows for secure end-to-end connectivity and data transfer, as well as significant cost savings.

“The demand for detailed, actionable data from cities is vast,” said Synapse ITS Chief Technology Officer Darren Beyer. “In addition to obvious gains in operational efficiency, data collected from MX systems enables better visibility, predictability, and decision-making. What’s exciting about MX is that it brings these benefits within reach of more cities, while also being a key step toward incorporating unsignalized intersection assets into agencies’ existing infrastructure management software.”

MX Series systems feature a unique modular design that provides a broader range of configuration options, faster installation, and a richer, more granular data set. All systems come with three years of free connectivity, meaning agencies get immediate online access to their systems.

“MX is all about giving cities better access and control over their infrastructure,” said Carmanah President and Synapse ITS Chief Strategy Officer Geoff Wilcox. “By building connectivity into every system and creating a convenient way to retrieve and analyze data–at an unprecedented price point–we believe more organizations will embrace connected infrastructure not only at intersections, but across their entire transportation network.”

About Carmanah Technologies Corp.

Based in Victoria, Canada, Carmanah is a leading designer and manufacturer of compliant solar and AC powered systems for pedestrian and driver safety. For more than 20 years, cities have trusted Carmanah to provide them with safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation solutions, and now, the company is ready to usher them into the future with an innovative line of affordable and intuitive connected beacons and signs. For more information, visit

About Synapse ITS

Uniting the industry-leading brands Polara Enterprises, Carmanah Technologies, Eberle Design Inc., and Diablo Controls, Synapse ITS is a comprehensive transportation technology platform focused on increasing roadway safety, accessibility and efficiency through innovative infrastructure. From intersections to highways, crosswalks to parking areas, Synapse ITS products leverage durable, dependable hardware alongside state-of-the-art software and data collection to provide agencies with intelligent solutions to complex transportation challenges. For more information, visit